Your Customers Are Searching for You Online!

Will They Find You?


Marketing Your Business in The Age of Corona

Nearly half of the world population use the internet. Most of your customers are likely looking for your product or service online. Can they find you easily? dotnokta strongly believes in the strength of digital marketing. Now, don't waste more time. It's time for your customers to notice you online.

Digital Marketing by Design

If data is the heart of effective digital marketing, then design, brand tone of voice, market research, and a dash of creativity is the mind and body. dotnokta uphold that an engaging brand story is the soul of all successful digital marketing campaigns. Telling your story with epic digital content, therefore, leads to increased loyalty leading to increased profits. With highly experienced assembly of marketers, you can sleep soundly knowing that your business is attracting the right customers.


Illuminate blind spots, identify hidden wins, gather data and grasp the situation.


Putting it all together, start carrying out the plan in the real world.


Separate the wheat from the chaff. Determine the most fruitful path. Again.


Put a plan, analyze target audience, find brand voice and lay out the step-by-step strategy.


Creating reports to measure and prioritize using the gathered detailed feedback.


Learn. Grow. Make waves.


Let dotnokta Plan and Manage Your Digital Marketing

Strategy at Its Finest

A strategy is a thread the connects all the elements of your digital marketing campaigns. From CRM's, email marketing, search console, analytics, paid traffic, and more. This will help you gain great control of your digital marketing program in general, and help define what success is. Furthermore, integrating your website help track how users behave and engage with your content. By its turn, this helps identifies weak spots and how to patch them.

Advertising Done Right

Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the largest advertising platforms. But are they the only ones? Of course not. With Dot Nokta, you'll discover the perfect advertising match to help you advertise your message. Facebook and Google are dominant and practical, but you've other options. You can advertise on Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora. Not to mention, working with bloggers and influencers in all niches and sizes.

Create Personalized Offers

What if, after all the ad spend, visitors didn't become paying customers? Through remarketing, you can optimize your offers to attract visitors by presenting them with what they want. It's done through creating lists of users who took a specific action on your website without acting. You can show customized ads to this audience based on their behavior.

The Art of Empathy Marketing

dotnokta believes in empathy marketing. Instead of casting a wide net, try to find the people already interested in your product or service. Empathy is the foundation of lasting relationships. Serve first, and your target audience will reward you with their attention. That's how you control your marketing budget and make the most of every advertising buck. Craft the right messages to reach the right people.

Creativity Never Lets You Down

After you have a clear image of the audience you aim to serve, the creative team will create engaging ads to connect and inspire. Then, comes the slice and dice process. Where Dot Nokta create several variations of ads and test them in the real world. The ad campaign that passes the test and pulls a great response is the winner.

Think-on-your-feet Digital Marketing

There will be weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and annually reports. These will help put your digital marketing in perspective, measure success, and improve results. That's how you recognize what's important to you so you can make informed decisions. Furthermore, you can adjust your plans as the new data come in. By-the-second monitoring, like in stock markets, help cut losses and increase efficiency.

Let dotnokta Show You the Right Way to Digital Marketing

dotnokta is proud to present these digital marketing services with qualifications and certifications to prove it. When you want superiority, you choose dotnokta. Digital marketing is a very sound investment. dotnokta is here to help you create the ‘wow’ experience for your customers.

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