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Website Design & Development - Custom Software Development - Mobile App Development - Digital Marketing & Advertising - Graphic & Design Build. Develop. Automate. Touch your idea in the real world the way you want. From establishing your digital presence, building custom-made software and applications, to marketing and advertising your company. You have the essential human imagination you'll ever need. Are you ready to thrive in a changing landscape with swift response?
Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Do you want a website you can be proud of to manage all your content? A practical communication portal that attracts and connects your community? WordPress website. eCommerce store. Web applications. SaaS platforms. You name it.
Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
Discover how the most successful companies around the world achieve the impossible every day. You can automate fundamental business processes so you can focus on human aspects to grow your business. Get tailor-made programs designed to solve your common problems, save time, and increase productivity.
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
In just a few weeks, you can get your dream app up and running in the App Store. Whether you want to run your company from the palm of your hand or build the next big thing, this one's for you. Down from sketching up to UI/UX and launching in the App Store and Play Store.
Digital Marketing & Advertising
Digital Marketing & Advertising
Create stunning visuals to represent your brand offline and online in elegance. Stay on top of graphic and design trends to keep your brand’s personality and style. From your logo, printable assets, to social media content, this is how you connect.
Graphic & Design
Graphic & Design
Reach millions and help them solve their problems with your business. Discover the little-known methods to attract new clients while you travel, sleep, and play. Make your brand shine in a crowded, noisy world.

If You Don't Get A Website Now, You'll Regret It Later.

Think of your website as your digital real estate. Now, your real-life real estate might be a small apartment or an enormous mansion. You can have dedicated facilities such as a horse stable. Likewise, your website could be a one-page CV or a massive database that contains information about millions of users. Nowadays, a strong online presence will determine how people will perceive an organization. Whatever your industry. Whether in technology, government, or private sector, your website will speak for you. The world is evolving fast. But one thing stands for sure you can get a remarkable website within your budget.

The Most Innovative Mobile App Or Your Money Back

You already know it. Unique problems demand unique solutions. In the same way, your clients and business partners know it. Owning your mobile application helps improve your business productivity, add another revenue stream for you, and even increase your value in a competitive market. If you get in touch today, you may get your app live a few weeks from now. Whether it's iOS, Android, or both, your app will be a splendid addition to your business arsenal. Good choice.

A New Concept in Graphic Design

What do all successful B2C companies, organizations, and brands in Turkey have in common? It's actually very clear. Like an open secret hidden in plain sight. You got it right. It's captivating visuals. In fact, there's an entire discipline called visual storytelling. Using graphic design to capture attention and tell a story is as old as cave paintings. Luckily, it's the 21st century. And humans developed sophisticated tools to create that visual impact. At any rate, your clients will greatly appreciate your neat graphics and grow fonder of your brand when you get the visual aspect right.

Why Join the Digital Transformation Revolution?

Digital transformation is about renovating your business model to adapt to technological advancements. It's more than a beautiful website and new programs. It'll help restructure your company, and potentially create new streams of income that don't exist in your current model. The digital transformation race begun a few years ago, but you still have a chance to join. However, it's businesses like yours that will get hit if you delay adopting digital technologies. Don't risk losing potential clients and begin your digital transformation. According to the latest studies, only 2 out of 10 companies managed to hold their position over 10 years. Digital-savvy companies replaced the old giants. If you need more reasons to join the digital transformation revolution, consider the following:

Our Clients

Our Step By Step Onboarding Process

  • Planning & Research
  • First and foremost, you tell us about your idea. We agree on the objectives and define the final product. You also get our expert advice and decide which path to take.
  • Creation
  • At this point, the developers at Dot Nokta put the ideas on paper. Using data visualization techniques, the ideas take tangible form to prepare for testing.
  • Testing
  • Before you release your website to the public, you must make sure it's working at its peak. That's why testing is a critical stage where we put the website to the test, conducting several inspections to assure excellent performance.
  • Creating Prototype
  • You get the prototype, which is the first step of the process to get a feel of our work. Think of it as a first draft to gauge the workflow and gain insights to improve the final product.
  • Design Implementation & Development
  • With your feedback from the previous step, our developers flesh out the website. They polish the coding, add needed functions, and finalize the project. The final step is comparing the initial objectives with the current version of the website, making sure all specs are met adequately.
  • Launch
  • Releasing the website to the world upon your approval of the demo. Once the website is live, the public can access and use the website.
  • Developing
  • In this step, we update the website and fix any bugs that appear after tracking performance and how users engage with it. Also, updating the website according to the user's behavior to give them the best experience possible.
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